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Project name

Digital Marketing


Street Hoarding is a website and software development company in meerut and Noida. It is best website development company in meerut. It also provides website designing services in meerut. We are working with a vision to make people aware of the latest technologies. Our main motive is customer satisfaction. Street Hoarding is serving with a mission of providing right direction to people who are looking for a career in IT/Software Industry.

Challanges we face

The first problem is reaching out to your target audience. You might get a lot of visitors to your sites if you are lucky enough, but it is not necessary that those visitors actually want what you are offering. This actually means you are not reaching out to the right people and your potential customers. Instead, your efforts are being noticed by the wrong group of people who might want a similar product or service, but not exactly yours. So, this kind of growth will not correlate to the success of your business or company. A company like ours with SEO experts who will work day and night to take your website to the right group of people is exactly what you need to turn those useless hits into something profitable. We will accomplish this by a mutual combination of organic SEO Services and Inbound Marketing techniques.

Solution we made

Our goal is not only to get your expected visitors to your landing page or marketing page. For example, we will definitely work very hard to bring relevant hits on relevant pages of your website. This particularly applies to large number of sites with a wide range of categories of content in them. As Google uses mathematical algorithms which look for mutual links between various pages to estimate its value in context to the searches, the other pages in your website that link to a particular page must also contain relevant and useful information.

Technology we used

  • html
  • css
  • jquery
  • php
  • wordpress
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